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  • The latest Devinci bicycles are absolutely stunning. Pop in the Crank House to see the bicycles leading the pack.

  • Road trip time? Don’t forget to load up on some spares and book in for a service. Keep the action rolling!

  • New to Christchurch? Pop in to get some great local advice on the amazing tracks that our region has to offer.

Huge Bike Range

Being an independently owned bicycle store, we only stock what we think is best. Both for quality, and your wallet. Because there are many different cyclists out there.

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The Workshop

We love bikes as much as you do and you can trust that when you leave it with us, it’s in good hands!

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Accessories & Parts

We have a great range of bicycles, accessories and parts in Christchurch. Combined with our experience and passion for the cycle industry. We can help you with basically anything to do with bikes!

Hire a Bicycle

Hire a bicycle with U Bike Cycle Hire. Based and operating right here at The Crank House, you just know they are looked after well.

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A bit about the Crank House

Meet Glen. The master crank, captain crank and the crank of cranks. He is the man with a cranking plan. With years of experience and an extreme passion for bikes, he and his handpicked team will always see you right...

The Crank House

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